Seat Belts Save Lives

Our firm would like to remind visitors to our site of the important need to wear their seat belts while riding in vehicles. In 2008 seat belts saved more than 13,000 lives nationwide and over 75,000 lives from 2004 to 2008. This is enough people to populate a small city (example: Lee's Summit, Missouri or St. Joseph, Missouri). During a crash wearing your seat belts help keep you safely secured inside your vehicle preventing you from being ejected which is almost always deadly. Seat belts are still THE best defense against impaired, aggressive, drunk, or distracted drivers.

It is important to remember that air bags are designed to work with your seat belts and are not a replacement for them. In fact, if you do not wear your seat belt you could be seriously injured by the rapidly expanding frontal air bag, the force of which could even kill you.

Be sure to buckle up and insist that everyone else in your vehicle does as well!