Protect Yourself from Fake Attorneys

KSPR 33 (June 10, 2016)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. KSPR News has been investigating the background of a man who claimed to be a lawyer after reporting earlier this week about a man charged with practicing law without a license, forgery, and false impersonation.
Chase Wilson is the man police said tricked three people separately into paying more than a $100 two years ago. Investigators said Wilson pretended to be a lawyer, saying he would get the tickets dismissed. Instead the tickets did not get paid and this led to the victims  receiving warrants and suspended licenses.Wilson does not have any criminal history, just a few traffic violations.Reporter Stephanie Garland went to Wilson's house Friday, and he was not home. She also called his cell phone and has not heard back from Wilson as of 5:30 p.m. Friday.Wilson has Biz Pros LLC listed as his current place of employment on LinkedIn. Biz Pros Owner and President, Jody Flaro, said Chase Wilson was never an employee of Biz Pro but confirmed Wilson was terminated from Harville Feed in Marshfield in August 2013.

KSPR News wanted to know how to prevent this from happening to you. Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association Board President, Robert Palmer, said he has seen it all. "I've been a lawyer for 34 years, I think, and I've seen all sorts of things and people defrauding people. It doesn't surprise me, but it's extremely disappointing," explained Palmer. But learning police said a Marshfield man pretending to be a lawyer and took hundreds of dollars from a couple of people makes him sick. "Obviously, he is just scamming people and taking their money," declared Palmer. “I wouldn't have even thought to go to the university to find clients." So this does not happen to you, he said always double check if the lawyer you are hiring is listed on Missouri Bar Association's website by getting their bar number.  My bar number is 30451 and every one of us licensed in Missouri has a bar card and a bar number and you can always find us by using that number," Palmer explained. Reporter Stephanie Garland took Palmer up on his offer and found him. "When you check on this number, it will tell you whether they are in good standing," Palmer finished. If a lawyer is listed as "active" on the bar association's website that means he is in good standing. The service is free and easy to use. This is the link: