Smith v. Ford, et al.

Smith v. Ford Motor Company, Mike Kehoe Ford, Inc., and Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (MoDot), et al.

Plaintiff alleged that Ford Motor Company poorly designed the roof structure and strength of its 2003 Ford F-350 pickups.  The strength, though meeting FMVSS minimum standards, was inadequate for real world rollovers.

Water from a broken pipe froze and formed black ice on a road just south of Fulton, Missouri during late December 2010 and early January 2011. Defendants Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (MoDot), and two of its employees knew about this icy danger and failed to remove or clear the ice from the roadway.

On January 4, 2011, Plaintiff Smith was wearing his seat belt and driving his 2003 Ford F-350 pickup on the poorly maintained road just south of Fulton, MO.  As Smith rounded a slight right-hand curve, his vehicle encountered the large patch of “black ice.”  The rear of his vehicle slid on the ice causing him to lose control and the vehicle rolled over 1 ½ times, coming to rest on its roof approximately 35 feet from the roadway.  Because of the incident, Smith sustained cervical fractures, thoracic burst fractures, and was rendered a quadriplegic. 

Plaintiff pursued a products liability claim against Ford Motor Company.  Plaintiff also pursued negligence claims against Defendants Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MoDot), and its two employees.

Plaintiff settled with all parties for a confidential amount.


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