Coble v. Taylor

Craig Oliver and Mark Brinkmann won a jury verdict for $1,170,000 on December 4, 2014.  The verdict was the result of a four-day trial in Greene County, Missouri. 

Plaintiff was a 43-year old Southwest Missouri dairy farmer who was injured when his neighbors’ bull came over or through a lawful fence which separated the two farms.  The neighbors’ bull was attempting to breed young dairy heifers owned by the dairy farmer.  Plaintiff was in the process of attempting to herd the bull off of his property when the bull suddenly charged and flipped over Plaintiff’s ATV.  Plaintiff’s injuries included a torn meniscus in each knee, facet syndrome in his lower back, and complex regional pain syndrome in his left leg. 

The Defendants were the owners of the bull.  Their insurance company had offered $300,000 before trial.  The Southern District Court of Appeals for the State of Missouri affirmed the verdict in this matter.


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